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The #1 fully automated product dashboard for JIRA



What is PM Overview?

Unleash your full potential of your project management in JIRA. Take control of your projects, prioritize tasks effectively, and effortlessly track progress from one centralized view. Experience a seamless workflow that empowers you to achieve project success.

Who uses PM Overview?

Typical customers include entrepreneurs, business owners, startups, creatives, students, small-scale industries, large-scale industries, educational institutes, hospitality sectors, and freelancers.

Consolidating your product management needs into one unified dashboard

Key features

  • Task breakdown chart

  • Notification section

  • Latest event section

  • Story point completion chart

  • Team velocity chart

  • Allocation breakdown chart

  • Task completion time charts

  • Planning and completed task section

  • Product goals and initiatives

  • Board customisation settings

Frequently asked questions
What is PM Overview?

PM Overview is a JIRA Product Management Plugin. Gain complete insight into your team's performance and progress. Enhance your project management with Advanced KPI tracking & Reporting, effortless Stakeholder Management, and instant progress updates.

Review by NoCodePanda

PM Overview is a transformative plugin that has revolutionized project management within JIRA for product managers across industries. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive task management capabilities, and real-time progress tracking features, PM Overview empowers teams to propel their product boards to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

The strength of PM Overview lies in its user-friendly design, which allows product managers to seamlessly navigate and manage complex workflows within JIRA. The plugin's intuitive interface simplifies the task of organizing and prioritizing project elements, reducing the time spent on manual administrative tasks.

Comprehensive task management is another standout feature of PM Overview. The plugin provides a centralized platform where product managers can create, assign, and monitor tasks with ease. This capability fosters collaboration and ensures that team members are aligned on project objectives and deadlines.

Moreover, PM Overview offers robust real-time progress tracking functionalities. Product managers can gain instant insights into project status, monitor task completion rates, and identify potential bottlenecks. This visibility enables proactive decision-making and facilitates timely adjustments to project plans, ultimately driving project success.

One of the most compelling advantages of PM Overview is its automation capabilities. By leveraging automation, product managers can eliminate repetitive tasks and workflows, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation. This automation not only saves time but also enhances accuracy and consistency across project management processes.

In summary, PM Overview is a must-have tool for any product manager seeking to optimize project management workflows within JIRA. Its combination of intuitive design, comprehensive task management, real-time progress tracking, and automation features empowers teams to maximize productivity and achieve project goals efficiently.

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